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We are Recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education


Marlene Parham Mlurphy, President and Curriculum Coordinator

Accountax School of Business dba      A.S.B Educational Institute
is a private not for profit educational institution, operating since 2002.  We offer a profile in education designed to encourage students to become creative in a free style learning environment. We  help students graduate to higher levels of education while  promoting skill attainment. We also provide continuing education for the adult learner and other professionals.

 Classes are scheduled to accommodate students who want to receive on line instruction. These classes are offered incorporating curriculum  used in the classrooms of traditional high schools, colleges, and universities.

The classroom environment is equipped with the information technology and the material to provide students with  on line instruction.

The on line platform, used in a virtual environment, give students the opportunity to become more independent thinkers while  attaining their realistic goals.

As instructors, our goal is to provide a quality educational service  to those who are motivated to learn 


      A.S.B.  Courses and Programs


Secondary Education Grades 6-12 Recognized by the   Illinois State Board of Education. You may apply for a tuition scholarship ,to attend grades 6-12, through http://empowerillinois.org  Read More......

Continuing Professional  Education  Recogized by the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy Read More.........

Continuing  Education Authorized by the Internal Revenue Service  Read More.......

Continuing Legal Education  Approved by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education                    Read More........

Professional Development for Instructors Approved by the Illinois State Board of Educaton  Read More........


             Extended Programs 







Summer  Sports Program in Partnership as a  Chicago Puplic School Vendor. You may apply for funding through Illinois Action for Children  by calling (312) 823-1100 Read More......

In he School/After School Learning In Partnership as a Chicago Public School Vendor. You may apply for funding through Illinois Action for Children by caling                   (312) 823-1100 Read More



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